Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

These are uncertain times that have left everyone feeling more anxious, stressed, and on edge. During times like these, we often need more support to make sure were are taking care of our mental health, so we can cope with, persevere through, and navigate this time of great uncertainty. We need a safe place to talk about what we are experiencing that will not leave us feeling more anxious, and we need specific tools and strategies to help us cope with the negative thinking, the anxious feelings and worry we may be experiencing. Plus we need connection places, so our social distancing doesn't turn into social isolation

During this time, I am offering short term support via 45 minute video sessions on a HIPPA compliant platform to ensure security. 

  1. Short term: This is your choice based on what you think will support you the best. You could opt for a few months, a fews sessions, or even just 1 session to get back on track.  

  2. As Needed: You do not need a weekly appointment. You can have the flexibility to schedule the day of (depending on availability.) You can have the support when and as you need it.

  3. Video Session: I use a HIPPA compliant platform to ensure security. This way you do not need to worry about traveling to my office, and can stay at home.

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