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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy and marriage counseling in NYC, NY and NJ

If you have come to this section, you are having trouble in your marriage or relationship. You probably just had another fight and are feeling angry, frustrated, and maybe even hopeless. Can our relationship change? Is their hope for us as a couple? You might find yourself having the same fights over and over, feeling like no matter what you do or say it just triggers another fight, and feeling alone and misunderstood.


This is a very common experience for couples. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a loving, meaningful relationship, and sometimes, old patterns and cycles can get your relationship completely off-track. It can seem confusing to you why your relationship is so difficult, when you are successful in the other areas of your life. How can two smart, capable, driven people that love each other not be able to “make it work?” But both of you bring baggage from your life into your marriage, both from your experiences growing up and from your past adult relationships.  We often have the best intentions, but don’t always know how to connect and how to build a healthy, meaningful relationship. 


This is where couples therapy can be a great help and resource. You and your partner can become aware of these unhealthy patterns and learn new ways of relating, communicating, and, connecting. 


Imagine enjoying a conversation over dinner, laughing, connecting, and feeling loved. Imagine enjoying one another and living a fun, meaningful life, making memories your cherish. If you want to start your journey towards new possibilities and a fulfilling relationship, call or email Lesley Thompson. Let’s get started!

Common Difficulties That Bring Couples Into Therapy:

Conflict  - Disengagement - Loss of Intimacy - Infertility - Infidelity

Communication Difficulties - Sexual Difficulties - Spiritual/Racial/Cultural Differences

Helpful Couples Therapy Resources

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