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Take Action! How to take a step towards the life you want.

Updated: Jan 27

What if you decided to take action today? Even a small action? A baby step? What possibilities would you find? What doors could open for you? What new path would you discover?

how to take steps towards the life you want
Take Action

So, what came to mind as soon as you read those questions? You know, the first thing that came to mind, the crazy thought! The one you had before you told yourself that was ridiculous and then replaced it with something “more sensible,” “realistic,” or “safer?” I want you to really imagine, “what if.” Close your eyes and envision it.

We all get those inner nudges… those ideas, those thoughts, those dreams. We might wonder, “What it would be like if I tried _____________.” Or we have those thoughts of “I should really do _____________.” Or sometimes it’s a little more vague. We know we need to do something, try something, but we can’t just pinpoint what. We can feel overwhelmed by the options and feel fearful of the unknown. So we just keep ourselves busy and distracted, so we don’t think about it.

Those nudges are there to help you become the person you are suppose to be, the person you want to be. They are there to help you break out of the rut, become unstuck, and get yourself moving in the right direction.

So what holds you back? What prevents you from listening to those nudges? What do you tell yourself when you have them? What gets in your way and prevents you from taking that step?

Whatever that voice or thought is telling you; I want you to confront it and challenge it. Look it in the face and say, “No!” Then give yourself permission to take that step. Don’t get caught up on which step to take or what direction to go in, just step, and open yourself up to new possibilities.

So, what step are you taking today?


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